A Ressha de Ikou

NEC PC-8801 Series disk published 38 years ago by Artdink Corp.

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A Ressha de Ikou screenshot

A Ressha de Ikou © 1986 Artdink Corp.

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The retail price was 7,800 yen.


Produced by: Katsushige Kasai
System Engineer: Tatsuo Nagahama
Art Director: Katsushige Kasai
Sound Effect: Hideo Kanda
Programmers: Shigeto Sako, Tatsuo Nagahama, Katsushige Kasai
Package Design: Yuki Nakayama
Directed by: Tatsuo Nagahama
Special Thanks: Softbank, Komine Agency, Plus One, Onken


Game's Floppy Disk.