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Ghosts'n Goblins

Export Arcade Video game published 39 years ago by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Ghosts'n Goblins screenshot

Ghosts'n Goblins © 1985 Capcom.

Export release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese version entry; "Makaimura".

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Ghosts'n Goblins was released in September 1985 outside Japan.

These non-Japanese versions use a shield instead of a cross.


A rare prototype version of the game exists with no title logo. It seems to be harder than the final version.


1. Ghosts'n Goblins (1985, Arcade)
2. Ghouls'n Ghosts [B-Board 88620B-2] (1988, Arcade)
3. Super Ghouls'n Ghosts [Model SNS-CM-USA] (1991, SNES)
4. Maximo - Ghosts to Glory (2002, PS2)
5. Maximo vs. Army of Zin (2004, PS2)
6. Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins (2006, PSP)


Here is a list of all ports release outside Japan and North America.

To see Japanese ports, please see the original Japanese version entry; "Makaimura".

To see North American ports, please see the Taito America version entry.

europe Nintendo NES (mar.23, 1989) "Ghosts'n Goblins [Model NES-GG-EUR]"
europe Sony PlayStation (sept.3, 1999) "Capcom Generations 2 - Chronicles of Arthur [Capcom Generations Disc 2] [Model SLES-11881]"
europe Microsoft XBOX (nov.18, 2005) "Capcom Classics Collection"
europe Sony PS2 (nov.18, 2005) "Capcom Classics Collection [Model SLES-53661]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console Arcade] europe (jan.7, 2011)
Sony PlayStation 3 [PSN] europe (feb.20, 2013) "Capcom Arcade Cabinet"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] europe (feb.20, 2013) "Capcom Arcade Cabinet"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] australia (feb.21, 2013) "Capcom Arcade Cabinet"

Nintendo Game Boy Color europe (aug.24, 2001) "Ghosts'n Goblins [Model DMG-AG9P-EUR]"
europe Sony PSP (nov.10, 2006) "Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded [Model ULES-00377]"
australia Sony PSP (nov.16, 2006) "Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded"

Commodore C16 europe (1986)
europe Commodore C64 (1986)
europe Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1986)
europe Amstrad CPC (1986)
europe Commodore Amiga (1988)
europe Amstrad CPC (1989) "12 Top Amstrad Hits"
PC [MS-DOS] europe (1990)
europe Atari ST (1990)


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