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Yuji Yoshida

Sharp X1 cass.Alien Egg [Model S6-G0067]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
Sharp MZ-1500 Quick diskIce Block1984DB-SOFT [Japan]
Mitsubishi Multi-8 cass.Ice Block [Model D1-G0064]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
Fujitsu FM-7 cass.Ice Block [Model F2-G0064]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
NEC PC-6001mkII cass.Ice Block [Model N6-G0064]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
NEC PC-6601 Series diskIce Block [Model N7-G5064]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
Sharp X1 cass.Ice Block [Model S6-G0064]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
Sharp MZ-2200 cass.Ice Block [Model S7-G0064]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
Toshiba Pasopia 7 cass.Ice Block [Model T-1M01]198?DB-SOFT [Japan]
Mitsubishi Multi-8 cass.Space Capsule [Model D1-G0081]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
Fujitsu FM-7 cass.Space Capsule [Model F2-G0081]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]
Sharp X1 cass.Space Capsule [Model S6-G0081]1983DB-SOFT [Japan]