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Results for Steve High

Arcade Video gameDanny Sullivan's Indy Heat1991Leland Corp., The [El Cajon, CA, USA]
Sony PlayStation gameDoom [Model SLUS-00077]1995Williams Ent., Inc.
Arcade Video gameIronman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road1989Leland Corp., The [El Cajon, CA, USA]
Sega Genesis gameMortal Kombat 3 [Model T-97116]1995Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
Nintendo 64 cart.Mortal Kombat Trilogy [Model NUS-NMKE-USA]1996Williams Ent., Inc.
Sony PlayStation gameMortal Kombat Trilogy [Model SLUS-00330]1996Midway Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Atari Jaguar cart.Troy Aikman NFL Football1995Williams Ent., Inc.
Sony PlayStation gameWilliams Arcade's Greatest Hits [Model SLUS-00201]1996Williams Ent., Inc.