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ComputerAcorn System 11979Acorn Computer, Ltd. [Cambridge, England]
Sony PlayStation CDadidas Power Soccer [Model SLES-00189]1996Psygnosis, Ltd.
PC/MS-Windows CDBlade Runner1997Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd. [UK] [013715]
Phillips CD-i discBURN:CYCLE [Model 810 0114]1994Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
Arcade Video gameCruis'n USA1994Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
PC/MS-Windows CDFox Hunt1996Capcom Ent., Inc. [USA] [13388]
Sega SC-3000 cass.Indiana Jaune + Super Lab [Model YE 002]1980Sprites [France]
Sony PlayStation CDMicro Machines V3 [Model SLES-00016]1997Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The [015026]
Sony PlayStation CDPGA European Tour Golf [Model SLES-02061]1999Infogrames Europe [546430]
Atari Jaguar cart.Rayman [Model C3669T]1995UBI Soft [Creteil, France] [307211]
Sony PlayStation CDRayman [Model SLES-00049]1995UBI Soft [Creteil, France] [307211]
Sony PlayStation CDRonaldo V-Football [Model SLES-00995]2000Infogrames Europe [546430]
PC/MS-Windows CDStar Wars - Knights of the Old Republic [Model 31918]2003LucasArts Ent. Co.
Apple II 5.25 diskThe Dark Heart of Uukrul [Model 12850]1989Broderbund Soft., Inc. [CA, USA] [47956]
Sony PlayStation CDUEFA Challenge [Model SLES-2806]2001Infogrames Europe [546430]
Sony PlayStation CDUEFA Striker [Model SLES-01733]1999Infogrames Europe [546430]
Sony PlayStation CDViva Football [Model SLES-00761]1998Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd. [UK] [013715]
Nintendo GBA cart.Zapper [Model AGB-AZPP]2003Infogrames Europe [546430]