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Philip Morris

IBM PC/AT DOS CD3D Lemmings1995Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation CD3D Lemmings [Model SCES-00009]1995Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation CDColony Wars [Model SLES-00860/10860]1997Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation CDDestruction Derby [Model SCES-00008]1995Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation CDFormula 1 97 [Model SLES-00859]1997Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation CDFormula 1 [Model SLES-00298]1996Psygnosis, Ltd.
Commodore C64 cass.Leviathan [Model 235]1987English Soft.
Commodore C64 diskLeviathan [Model 242]1987English Soft.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Leviathan [Model 280]1987English Soft.
Amstrad CPC 464 diskLeviathan [Model 280]1987English Soft.
Atari ST diskLeviathan [Model 303]1987English Soft.
Sony PlayStation CDLomax [Model SLES-00451]1996Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sony PlayStation CDThe City of Lost Children [Model SLES-00170]1997Psygnosis, Ltd.