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Results for Peacock

Taito F3 cart.Arabian Magic1992Taito Corp. [Japan]
Phillips CD-i discBURN:CYCLE [Model 810 0114]1994Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
Sony PlayStation discColony Wars [Model SLES-00860/10860]1997Psygnosis, Ltd.
Taito F3 cart.Dan-Ku-Ga1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameDead Connection1992Taito Corp. [Japan]
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. disk.Descent1995Interplay
Sony PlayStation discDragon Ball Z - Ultimate Battle 22 [Model SLPS-00073]1995Bandai Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameGunbuster1992Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Kaiser Knuckle1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
PC/MS-Windows CDMummy - Tomb of the Pharaoh1996Interplay
Arcade Video gameRay Storm1996Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Rayforce1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
SNK Neo-Geo CD discShinsetsu Samurai Spirits - Bushidoh Retsuden [Model NGCD-0850]1997SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Osaka, Japan]
Arcade Video gameSpace Gun1990Taito Corp. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation discThe City of Lost Children [Model SLES-00170]1997Psygnosis, Ltd.