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Results for Olivier Robin

Panasonic 3DO gameAlone in the Dark1994Interplay
Sony PlayStation discAlone in the Dark - Jack is Back [Model SLES-00037]1996Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
IBM 5170 3.5in.disk. (DOS)Alone in the Dark 2 [Model ALON20101]1993Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Nintendo Super NES gameAstérix & Obélix [Model SNSP-AXOP-FAH]1995Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Sony PlayStation discRonaldo V-Football [Model SLES-00995]2000Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Sony PlayStation discUEFA Challenge [Model SLES-2806]2001Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Sony PlayStation discUEFA Striker [Model SLES-01733]1999Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Nintendo GBA cart.Zapper [Model AGB-AZPP]2003Infogrames Interactive, Inc.