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Olaf Olafsson

Sega Master System cart.Bram Stoker's Dracula [Model MK-27065-50]1993Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo Game Boy Cart.Chuck Rock [Model DMG-QC-USA]1993Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo Super NES cart.Chuck Rock [Model SNS-CK-USA]1992Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo Game Boy Cart.Last Action Hero [Model DMG-LR-USA]1993Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo NES cart.Last Action Hero [Model NES-LA-USA]1993Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo Super NES cart.Last Action Hero [Model SNS-L5-USA]1993Sony Imagesoft
Sega Game Gear cart.Last Action Hero [Model T-93048]1992Sony Imagesoft
Sega Genesis cart.Last Action Hero [Model T-93066]1993Sony Imagesoft