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Nobuaki Kuroki

Nintendo Super Famicom cart.Arkanoid - Doh It Again [Model SHVC-A6]1997Taito Corp. [Japan]
Nintendo Super Famicom cart.Darius Force [Model SHVC-DH]1993Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDDarius Gaiden [Model SLPS-00574]1996Interbec
Arcade Video gameFighters' Impact1996Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameFighters' Impact A1997Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gamePuzzle Bobble1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
Taito G-Net cardSuper Puzzle Bobble1999Taito Corp. [Japan]