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Nintendo Famicom cart.Donald Land [Model DFC-DX]1988Data East Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameEZ: Ehrgeiz - God Bless the Ring1997NAMCO, Ltd. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDEZ: Ehrgeiz - God Bless the Ring [Model SLPS-01750]1998Square Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDFinal Fantasy IX [Model SLPS-02000~3]2000Square Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDFinal Fantasy Tactics [Model SLPS-00770~1]1997Square Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gamePlus Alpha1989JALECO Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDPolicenauts [Model SLPS-00215~6]1996Konami Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo Super Famicom cart.Super Mario RPG [Model SHVC-ARWJ-JPN]1996Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Taito G-Net cardSuper Puzzle Bobble1999Taito Corp. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameThe Outfoxies1995NAMCO, Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo Famicom cart.Ys III - Wanderers from Ys [Model VFR-Q8-12]1991Victor Musical Industries, Inc. [Japan]