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Michael Kosaka

Atari 5200 cart.5200 Tempest2012Atari Age
IBM PC 5.25in. disk.688 Attack Sub [Model 1584]1989Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
Commodore Amiga 500 disk.688 Attack Sub [Model 3517]1990Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
Atari 2600 cart.Crystal Castles [Model CX26110]1984Atari, Inc. [Sunnyvale, CA, USA]
Sony PlayStation CDNuclear Strike [Model SLUS-00518]1997Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
Sony PlayStation CDSoviet Strike [Model SLUS-00061]1996Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
Atari 2600 cart.Tempest [Model CX2687]1984Atari, Inc. [Sunnyvale, CA, USA]
Atari 5200 cart.Tempest [Model CX5220]1983Atari, Inc. [Sunnyvale, CA, USA]
Sega Genesis cart.The Ooze [Model 1512]1995SEGA of America, Inc. [San Francisco, CA, USA]
Sony PlayStation CDWing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger [Model SLUS-00019/00134~6]1996Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
Commodore C64 disk.Winter Games1985Epyx, Inc. [Redwood City, CA, USA]