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Martin Galway

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Athena [Model 111228]1987Imagine Soft. [Ocean Group] [13156]
Amstrad CPC cass.Kong Strikes Back1984Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Commodore C64 cass.Kong Strikes Back1985Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Commodore C64 cass.Ping Pong [Model 120183]1986Imagine Soft. [Ocean Group] [13156]
Commodore C64 cass.Roland's Rat Race [Model 020049]1985Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Stallone Cobra [Model 010491]1986Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Stars On The 128 [Model 010965]1986Imagine Soft. [Ocean Group] [13156]
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. diskStrike Commander1992Origin Systems, Inc. [An Electronic Arts Co.] [17814]
Nintendo NES cart.Ultima - Warriors of Destiny [Model NES-UT-USA]1993FCI [Fujisankei Communications International]
Nintendo Super NES cart.Ultima VII - The Black Gate [Molel SNS-7I-USA]1994FCI [Fujisankei Communications International]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDWing Commander IV - The Price of Freedom [Model EA10099]1995Origin Systems, Inc. [An Electronic Arts Co.] [17814]
Commodore C64 cass.Yie Ar Kung-Fu [Model 120138]1986Imagine Soft. [Ocean Group] [13156]