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Mac Oglesby

BASIC soft. type-inCapture1977People's Computer Co.
Commodore PET cass.Chase1979Creative Computing Soft.
Texas Instruments SR-52 soft.Cross-Country Balloon Trip19781001001, Inc.
BASIC soft. type-inDodgem1975Creative Computing Soft.
BASIC soft. type-inExagon1977People's Computer Co.
Texas Instruments SR-52 soft.Frogs1977Oglesby, Mac
BASIC soft. type-inMotie1975Oglesby, Mac
BASIC soft. type-inPlanets1976Oglesby, Mac
BASIC soft. type-inPounce1976Oglesby, Mac
BASIC soft. type-inRescue1975Oglesby, Mac
BASIC soft. type-inSinners1976People's Computer Co.
Commodore PET cass.Sinners1978Computers/Calculators Magazine
BASIC soft. type-inSquare1975Oglesby, Mac
BASIC soft. type-inSurvivor1977People's Computer Co.
BASIC soft. type-inWatchman1976Creative Computing Soft.