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Kumiko Watanabe

NEC PC-Engine CDALsharK [Model JCCD4014]1994Victor Ent. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDBeltlogger 9 [Model SLPS-00582]1996Genki Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Arcade Video gameDancing Eyes1996NAMCO, Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo NES cart.Rampage [Model NES-RP-USA]1988Data East Corp. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDSexy Parodius [Model SLPM-86009]1996Konami Co., Ltd. [ren. Konami Corp. in 2000] [Japan]
TOURVision cart.Toy Shop Boys [Model 51]1991TOURVision, S.A. [Spain]
NEC PC-Engine HuCARDToy Shop Boys [Model JC63009]1990Victor Musical Industries, Inc. [Japan]