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Koichi Nakamura

Sony PlayStation CDChocobo no Fushigi Dungeon 2 [Model SLPS-01771~2]1998Square Co., Ltd. [Japan]
NEC PC-6001 Series cass.Door Door mkII [Model E-G068]1984Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Sharp MZ-1500 Quick diskDoor Door mkII [Model E-G112]1984Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
NEC PC-8801 Series cass.Door Door [Model E-G002]1983Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Sharp MZ-2000 cass.Door Door [Model E-G014]1983Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
NEC PC-8801 Series diskDoor Door [Model E-G016]1983Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Fujitsu FM-7 cass.Door Door [Model E-G019]1983Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
NEC PC-9801 Series 5.25in. diskDoor Door [Model E-G060]1984Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Sharp X1 cass.Door Door [Model E-G070]1984Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
NEC PC-8001mkII cass.Door Door [Model E-G076]1983Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Hitachi MB-S1 cass.Door Door [Model E-G101]1983Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Toshiba Pasopia 7 cass.Door Door [Model T-1E01]1983Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo Famicom cart.Dragon Quest II - Akuryou no Kamigami [Model EFC-D2]1987Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo Super Famicom cart.Dragon Quest V - Tenkuu no Hanayome [Model SHVC-D5]1992Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Nintendo Famicom cart.Dragon Quest [Model EFC-DQ]1986Enix, Ltd. [Japan]
Taito F3 cart.Elevator Action Returns1995Taito Corp. [Japan]
Nintendo Super Famicom cart.Puzzle Bobble [Model SHVC-AYKJ-JPN]1995Taito Corp. [Japan]
Nintendo Famicom cart.Tetris 2 + BomBliss [Model BPS-52]1991BPS [Bullet-Proof Soft.] [Japan]