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John Van Ryzin

Atari 2600 cart.Cosmic Commuter [Model AG-038]1984Activision, Inc. [Mountain View, CA, USA] [47875]
Atari 7800 cart.F-18 Hornet [Model AP-044]1988Absolute Ent., Inc. [Midland Park, NJ, USA]
Atari 2600 cart.H.E.R.O. [Model AZ-036]1984Activision, Inc. [Mountain View, CA, USA] [47875]
Atari 5200 cart.H.E.R.O. [Model FZ-007]1984Activision, Inc. [Mountain View, CA, USA] [47875]
Nintendo NES cart.Heavy Shreddin' [Model NES-WX-USA]1990Parker Bros. [Beverly, MA, USA]
Nintendo Super NES cart.Race Drivin' [Model SNS-RV-USA]1992T-HQ, Inc. [Toy HeadQuarters]
Nintendo NES cart.Space Shuttle Project [Model NES-6A-USA]1991Absolute Ent., Inc. [Midland Park, NJ, USA]
Nintendo Super NES cart.Steel Talons [Model SNS-5S-USA]1993Left Field Ent.
Nintendo Game Boy Cart.The Ren & Stimpy Show - Veediots! [Model DMG-VD-USA]1993T-HQ, Inc. [Toy HeadQuarters]
Commodore C64 cass.X-15 Alpha Mission1987Activision, Inc. [Mountain View, CA, USA] [47875]