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John May

Nintendo Super NES cart.Addams Family Values [Model SNS-VY-USA]1995Ocean of America, Inc. [San Jose, CA, USA]
Sega Mega Drive cart.Addams Family Values [Model T-164046-50]1995Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Aliens - The Computer Game US Version [Model URK 621]1987Electric Dreams Soft.
Atari Lynx cart.Power Factor [Model PA2109]1992Atari Corp. [CA, USA]
Nintendo GBA cart.Super Puzzle Fighter II [Model AGB-AZ8E-USA]2003Capcom USA, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA, USA] [13388]
Nintendo GBA cart.Zapper [Model AGB-AZPE-USA]2003Infogrames Interactive, Inc. [329720]