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Results for Gabriel Jones

CONSOLES/Nintendo 64 gameAidyn Chronicles - The First Mage [Model NUS-NAYE-USA]2000T-HQ, Inc. [Toy HeadQuarters]
CONSOLES/Nintendo Super NES gameCollege Football USA '97 - The Road to New Orleans [Model SNS-AC7E-USA]1996Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
CONSOLES (Handheld)/Sega Game Gear gameFIFA Soccer 96 [Model T-100108]1995Black Pearl
CONSOLES/Sega Genesis gameNHL 98 [Model 7820]1997Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
CONSOLES/Nintendo 64 gameNuclear Strike 64 [Model NUS-NCEE-USA]1999T-HQ, Inc. [Toy HeadQuarters]
CONSOLES (Handheld)/Sega Game Gear gamePGA Tour 96 [Model T-100078]1996Black Pearl