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Ed Cebula

PinballAaron Spelling1992Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballABC Monday Night Football [Model 500-5507-01]1989Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballAgents 777 [Model 770]1984GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballAndromeda [Model 850]1985GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballBack to the Future [Model 500-5509-01]1990Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballBatman [Model 500-5511-01]1991Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballBlack Velvet [Model 110]1978GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballCamel Lights1978GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballCaptain Hook [Model 780]1985GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballCheckpoint [Model 500-5510-01]1991Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballChuck-A-Luck1978GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballFamily Fun! [Model 120]1979GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballFoxy Lady1978GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballGlobal Warfare [Model 240]1981GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballJurassic Park [Model 500-5520-01]1993Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballKing Kong - The Eighth Wonder of the World1990Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballLast Action Hero [Model 500-5527-01]1993Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballLethal Weapon 3 [Model 500-5526-01]1992Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballLoch Ness Monster1985GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballMike Bossy1982GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballOld Coney Island! [Model 180]1979GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballPinball Lizard [Model 210]1980GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballPlayboy - 35th Anniversary [Model 500-5505-01]1989Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballReal [Model 110]1978GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballRichie Rich1994Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballRoboCop [Model 500-5506-01]1990Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballSharpshooter [Model 130]1979GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballStar Trek - 25th Anniversary [Model 500-5514-01]1991Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballStar Trip [Model 120]1979GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]
PinballStar Wars [Model 500-5524-01]1992Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballTales from the Crypt [Model 500-5518-01]1993Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Model 500-5517-01]1991Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballThe Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends [Model 500-5522-01]1993Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballThe Phantom of the Opera [Model 500-5508-01]1990Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballThe Simpsons [Model 500-5512-01]1990Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballThe Who's Tommy - Pinball Wizard [Model 500-5528-01]1994Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballTime Machine [Model 500-5504-01]1988Data East Pinball [USA]
PinballVegas [Model 140]1979GPi [Game Plan, Inc.] [IL, USA]