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Results for Denis

[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation Gameadidas Power Soccer [Model SLES-00189]1996Psygnosis, Ltd.
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameAlone in the Dark - Jack is Back [Model SLES-00037]1996Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
[COMPUTER] Amstrad CPC Cass.Anatomie1985Core [Evry, France]
[COIN-OP] PinballBack to the Future [Model 500-5509-01]1990Data East Pinball [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
[CONSOLE] Nintendo 64 GameBattleTanx - Global Assault [Model NUS-NBQE-USA]19993DO Co., The [CA, USA]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameBig Air [Model SLUS-00645]1998Accolade, Inc. [San Jose, CA, USA]
[COIN-OP] PinballBig Bang Bar [Model BIG3003-US]1996Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. [Arlington Heights, IL, USA]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameBlood Omen - Legacy of Kain [Model SLUS-00027]1996Crystal Dynamics
[COIN-OP] PinballBreakshot [Model 3584]1996Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. [Arlington Heights, IL, USA]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameDisney's Hercules [Model SCES-00891]1997Sony Computer Ent. Europe [SCEE]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameFade to Black [Model SLES-00209]1996Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
[CONSOLE] Phillips CD-i GameFlashback [Model 810 0202]1995Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
[COIN-OP] PinballFlipper Football1996Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. [Arlington Heights, IL, USA]
[ARCADE] Arcade Video Game PCBHot Shots Tennis1990Strata Group, Inc. [Arlington, IL, USA]
[CONSOLE] Atari Jaguar GameHover Strike [Model J9009E]1995Atari Corp. [Sunnyvale, CA, USA]
[COIN-OP] PinballJurassic Park [Model 500-5520-01]1993Data East Pinball [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
[COIN-OP] PinballKingpin1996Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. [Arlington Heights, IL, USA]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameMoto Racer [Model SLES-00469]1997Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
[CONSOLE] Nintendo 64 GameNightmare Creatures [Model NUS-NNCE-USA]1998Activision, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]
[ARCADE] Arcade Video Game PCBNinja Clowns1991Strata Group, Inc. [Arlington, IL, USA]
[COMPUTER] Microsoft Windows Soft.Phantasmagoria - A Puzzle of Flesh [Model S288410~50]1996Sierra On-Line, Inc.
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameRoad Rash [Model SLUS-00035]1995Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameRonaldo V-Football [Model SLES-00995]2000Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
[CONSOLE] Nintendo Super NES GameThe Brainies [Model SNSP-B7-EUR]1996Titus [Gagny, France]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameThe City of Lost Children [Model SLES-00170]1997Psygnosis, Ltd.
[HANDHELD] Nintendo GBA GameTony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 [Model AGB-AT6E-USA]2002Activision, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]
[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation GameVampire Hunter D [Model SLPS-02477]1999Victor Interactive Soft., Inc.
[HANDHELD] Nintendo GBA GameX-Men - Reign of Apocalypse [Model AGB-AXME-USA]2001Activision, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]