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Results for Deborah

Coleco Adam disk.2010 - The Ultimate Text Adventure [Model 7849/9659]1985Coleco Industries, Inc. [Amsterdam, NY, USA]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.After the War [SPE 890032]1989Dinamic Soft. [Madrid, Spain]
Sony PlayStation discArcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 1 [Model SLUS-00339]1996Midway Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
Sony PlayStation discArk of Time [Model SLES-00748]1998Project Two Interactive BV
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Aspar GP Master [Model SPE 880022]1988Dinamic Soft. [Madrid, Spain]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Bestial Warrior [Model SPE 890030]1989Dinamic Soft. [Madrid, Spain]
Nintendo 64 cart.Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. [Model NUS-NBFE-USA]1998Midway Home Ent.
Sony PlayStation discBio F.R.E.A.K.S. [Model SLUS-00502]1998Midway Home Ent.
Phillips CD-i discCaesars World of Boxing [Model 810 0143]1993Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
Nintendo 64 cart.California Speed [Model NUS-NCLE-USA]1999Midway Home Ent.
NEC TurboGrafx-CD discCamp California [Model TGXCD1013]1993Turbo Technologies, Inc.
Sega Genesis gameComix Zone [Model 1569]1995SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Arcade Video gameCyberball - Football in the 21st Century1988Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
Arcade Video gameCyberball 20721989Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
Arcade Video gameHard Drivin' [Model 136052]1988Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
Sony PlayStation discPandemonium 2 [Model SLUS-00578]1997Midway Home Ent.
Sony PlayStation discPsychic Detective [Model SLUS-00165~7]1996Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
Arcade Video gameRace Drivin' [Cockpit model]1990Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
Sony PlayStation discRampage - World Tour [Model SLUS-00549]1997Midway Home Ent.
IBM PC/AT WIN CDScholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Human Body1994Microsoft
Sega Mega Drive gameSonic the Hedgehog 2 [Model G-4088]1992SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
Nintendo 64 cart.Stunt Racer 64 [Model NUS-NR3E-USA]2000Midway Home Ent.
Arcade Video gameToobin'1988Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
Nintendo NES cart.Toobin'1989Tengen, Inc. [Milpilas, CA, USA]
Arcade Video gameTournament Cyberball 20721989Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
IBM PC/AT WIN CDYou Don't Know Jack1995Berkeley Systems, Inc.
IBM PC/AT WIN CDYou Don't Know Jack Volume 21996Berkeley Systems, Inc.
Phillips CD-i discZelda's Adventure [Model 810 0147]1995Philips Interactive Media, Inc.