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D. C. Ward

Commodore C64 cass.Jonny and the Jimpys1984Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Atari ST diskRainbow Islands1990Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Commodore C64 cass.Rainbow Islands [Model 014116]1990Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Amstrad CPC 464 diskRainbow Islands [Model 014192]1990Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Rainbow Islands [Model 014215]1990Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Amstrad CPC cass.Rainbow Islands [Model 014222]1990Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]
Nintendo Game Boy Cart.WaterWorld [Model DMG-AWEP-UKV]1995Ocean Soft., Ltd. [13156]