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Chris Wood

Sony PlayStation CDActua Soccer [Model SLES-00014]1996Gremlin Interactive, Ltd. [013658]
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. diskArmour-Geddon1992Psygnosis, Ltd.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.Battle Valley [Model 010588]1988Rack-It [012635]
PC/MS-Windows CDFIFA Soccer Manager1997EA Sports
Amstrad CPC cass.Nebulus [Model 080284]1988Hewson Consultants, Ltd. [England] [012635]
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.SU issue 80: Megatape 91988Sinclair User
Amstrad CPC 464 diskSuper Hang-On [Model UQD 624]1987Electric Dreams Soft.
Amstrad CPC cass.Super Hang-On [Model UQK 624]1987Electric Dreams Soft.