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Carl Muller

Sega Master System cart.Alien³ [Model MK-27043-50]1992Arena Ent.
Sega Game Gear cart.Alien³ [Model T-81048]1992Arena Ent.
Nintendo Super NES cart.Batman Forever [Model SNP-A3BE-USA]1995Acclaim Ent., Inc. [Glen Cove, NY, USA]
Sega Game Gear cart.Batman Forever [Model T-81268]1995Acclaim Ent., Inc. [Glen Cove, NY, USA]
Nintendo Super NES cart.Chuck Rock [Model SNS-CK-USA]1992Sony Imagesoft
Nintendo Super NES cart.FIFA Soccer 96 [Model SNS-A6SE-USA]1995EA Sports
Nintendo Super NES cart.Judge Dredd [Model SNS-AJDE-USA]1995Acclaim Ent., Inc. [Glen Cove, NY, USA]