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Bob Smith

Sony PlayStation CD3D Baseball [Model SLUS-00066]1996Crystal Dynamics
Sinclair ZX-81 cass.Domin8tr1s202?Cronosoft
Colecovision cart.DragonFire1984Imagic, Inc. [Los Gatos, CA, USA]
Atari 2600 cart.Dragonfire [Model IA3611]1982Imagic, Inc. [Los Gatos, CA, USA]
Sinclair ZX-81 cass.Impact!201?Cronosoft
Atari 2600 cart.Moonsweeper [Model 03207]1983Imagic, Inc. [Los Gatos, CA, USA]
Arcade Video gameNight Stocker [Model 0B96]1986Bally Sente, Inc. [CA, USA]
Sinclair ZX-81 cass.One Little Ghost201?Cronosoft
Sinclair ZX-81 cass.Pandemic202?Cronosoft
Arcade Video gameRescue Raider [Model 0J18]1987Bally Midway Mfg. Co. [Franklin Park, IL, USA]
Atari 2600 cart.Riddle of the Sphinx [Model IA3600]1982Imagic, Inc. [Los Gatos, CA, USA]
Atari 2600 cart.Star Voyager [Model IA3201]1982Imagic, Inc. [Los Gatos, CA, USA]
Atari 2600 cart.Star Wars - The Arcade Game [Model PB5540]1984Parker Bros. [Beverly, MA, USA]
Commodore C64 cass.Stranded200?Cronosoft
Atari 800/Apple II/PET/TRS-80 cass.Tanktics [Model 41201]1981Microcomputer Games
Atari 2600 cart.Video Pinball [Model CX2648]1981Atari, Inc. [CA, USA]
Sinclair ZX-81 cass.Virus2010Cronosoft