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Nintendo GameCube disc007 - Everything or Nothing [Model DOL-GENE-USA]2004EA Games [Electronic Arts, Inc.]
Sega Mega Drive cart.Air Diver [Model T-20023]1990Asmik Co., Ltd. [Japan]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDFull Throttle [Model 10718]1995LucasArts Ent. Co.
Arcade Video gameGokujyou Parodius! Kako no Eikou o Motomete [Model GX321]1994Konami Co., Ltd. [Japan]
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. diskManiac Mansion - Day of the Tentacle [Model 10512]1993LucasArts Ent. Co.
Arcade Video gameMartial Champion [Model GX234]1993Konami Co., Ltd. [Japan]
NEC PC-Engine HuCARDPower Drift [Model AS02002]1990Asmik Co., Ltd. [Japan]
Sony PlayStation CDStar Wars - Dark Forces [Model SLUS-00297]1996LucasArts Ent. Co.
PC/MS-Windows CDStar Wars - Knights of the Old Republic [Model 31918]2003LucasArts Ent. Co.
Sony PlayStation CDStar Wars - Masters of Teräs Käsi [Model SLUS-00562]1997LucasArts Ent. Co.
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. diskStar Wars - TIE Fighter1994LucasArts Ent. Co.
Sony PlayStation 2 discTwisted Metal - Head-On [Extra Twisted Edition] [Model SCUS-97621]2008Sony Computer Ent. America [SCEA] [CA, USA]