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Amy Smith-Boylan

Sony PlayStation CDBarbie - Race & Ride [Model SLUS-00981]1999Mattel Interactive [Mattel, Inc.]
Sony PlayStation CDBarbie - Super Sports [Model SLUS-00946]1999Mattel Interactive [Mattel, Inc.]
Sony PlayStation CDChampionship Surfer [Model SLUS-01216]2000Mattel Interactive [Mattel, Inc.]
IBM PC/AT DOS CDDiscoveries of the Deep1993GameTek, Inc. [Miami Beach, FL, USA] [43948]
IBM PC/AT DOS 5.25+3.5in. disksGrandmaster Chess1992Capstone
Nintendo Game Boy Color cart.Rescue Heroes - Fire Frenzy [Model CGB-BRQE-USA]2001Learning Co., The
IBM PC/AT DOS CDTerminator 2 - Judgment Day - Chess Wars1993Capstone
IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. diskThe Beverly Hillbillies1993Capstone