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Legend: original release ORIGINAL | sample SAMPLE | canceled project CANCELED | re-release REISSUE | export release EXPORT | 18 ADULT
Type ▼NameYear ▼Publisher ▼
Arcade Video gameoriginal 0119??Unknown
Tatung Einstein disk.original 100 Metres Sprint + Karate Homebrew 19??Unknown
UNIX soft.original 10Guess1975Unknown
Coin-op Misc. gameoriginal 11 Meter1949Unknown
Fujitsu FM Towns disk.original 15 Puzzle Homebrew 199?Unknown
Nintendo Super Famicom cart.original 16-Zhang Mahjang - Xingzuo Nulang Pian199?Unknown
MSX 2 disk.original 1942198?Unknown
Famiclones cart.original 1992 Super Gold HIK 256k Model F-0091992Unknown
Nintendo GBA cart.original 2 Games in One! Dr. Mario + Puzzle League Model AGB-BZPE-USA200?Unknown
Nintendo Famicom cart.original 2 in 1: Donkey Kong + Jungle Book199?Unknown
Nintendo Famicom cart.original 2 in 1: Family Kid + Aladdin 4199?Unknown
Nintendo Famicom cart.original 2 in 1: Street Dance + Hit Mouse199?Unknown
Nintendo Famicom cart.original 2 in 1: Yu Yu + Dragonball Z199?Unknown
Trade Stimulatororiginal 20 for 1192?Unknown
Handheld gameoriginal 2001 Mega Calculator - Brick Game200?Unknown
Nintendo Famicom cart.original 2002 World Cup PK2002Unknown
MSX 2 disk.original 3 Square1993Unknown
Dick Smith Super-80 cass.original 3-D Noughts and Crosses Model 090198?Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal 3-For-11893Unknown
UNIX soft.original 311975Unknown
Sharp MZ-700 cass.original 3D Car Race198?Unknown
Sinclair ZX Spectrum+3 disk.original 3D Construction Kit Data-Files Homebrew 2011Unknown
Colour Genie cass.original 3D Haunted House1984Unknown
Nascom cass.original 3D Maze198?Unknown
Applied Technology Microbee cass.original 3D Noughts and Crosses1983Unknown
Apple II cass.original 3D Star Fire19??Unknown
Acorn Archimedes disk.original 3D Tanks Homebrew 19??Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal 4 Reels Drive19??Unknown
Amstrad CPC 464 disk.original 4 Sampled Songs Homebrew 19??Unknown
Fujitsu FM-7 5.25in. disk.original 5 Games in 119??Unknown
Arcade Video gameoriginal 5-Aces Poker198?Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal 6061910Unknown
Arcade Video gameoriginal 7 e Mezzo198?Unknown
MANIAC II soft.original 8x8-board Chess1957Unknown
Slot Machineoriginal 9 Liner200?Unknown
Amstrad CPC 464 disk.canceled A la Recherche de Light Sword1991Unknown
Working Modelnot a game A Message from the Sea19??Unknown
Working Modelnot a game A Murderer Pays the Penalty19??Unknown
Vieweroriginal A Peep through the Keyhole1935Unknown
Videoton TVC disk.original A Sünikéd Éhes...198?Unknown

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