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Legend: original release ORIGINAL | sample SAMPLE | canceled project CANCELED | re-release REISSUE | export release EXPORT | 18 ADULT
Type ▼NameYear ▼Publisher ▼
Atari 400/800 disk.original Ant Eater1982Romox
Texas instrument TI-99/4A cart.original Ant-Eater Model TI 1021983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Anteater Model 050231982Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Attack at EP-CYG-41982Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Attack at EP-CYG-41982Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Castles and Keys Model 130231983Romox
Commodore C64 cart.original Dancing Feats1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Flapper Model 110231983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Fortune Hunter1982Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Fortune Hunter1982Romox
Texas instrument TI-99/4A cart.original Hen Pecked1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original M*A*S*H Model 010331982Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original M-A-S-H1982Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Mogul Maniac1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Mogul Maniac Model 032201983Romox
Commodore C64 cart.original Pancho1984Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Porky's1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Porky's Model 020331983Romox
Texas instrument TI-99/4A cart.original Princess and Frog1982Romox
Commodore VIC-20 cart.original Princess and Frog1983Romox
Commodore C64 cart.original Princess and the Frog1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Princess and the Frog1982Romox
Texas instrument TI-99/4A cart.original Rabbit Trail1983Romox
Texas instrument TI-99/4A cart.original Rotor Raiders1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Sea Chase1983Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Sea Chase1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Spark Bugs1983Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Spark Bugs1983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Starion1983Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Starion1983Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original The Princess and the Frog1982Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Topper1982Romox
Commodore VIC-20 cart.original Topper1983Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Topper1982Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Trion Model 022131983Romox
Atari 400/800 cart.original Typo1982Romox
Commodore VIC-20 cart.original Typo1983Romox
Atari 400/800 disk.original Typo1982Romox
Texas instrument TI-99/4A cart.original Typo II1983Romox
Texas instrument TI-99/4A cart.original Video Vegas1982Romox

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