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The Story Behind the Symbols; Online Casino & Video Slots

A Symbolic Start for Slot Machines
Play any modern online slot machine and you’ll be spellbound by the sensational stream of symbols that settle upon your screen. But where did they originate? What influenced their creation? And, how have slot symbols changed in time? Well in truth, the 10s and royal cards that remain common today are the legacy of a table gaming past. In the late 1800s, Poker was the game of choice and two enterprising individuals from New York named Sittman & Pitt decided to use fifty cards with five drums to cash in on the craze. Bar owners would give out free drinks and cigars for winning hands on machines they hosted in return get a cut of the cash taken. The one drawback to their business was the sheer number of combinations these symbols created though!

The Liberty Bell Strikes & Fruit Machines Flourish
Slot machines needed a simple solution that reflected their growing popularity in society, and they duly got it when Charles August Frey invented ‘The Liberty Bell’. Yes, he replaced the five drums with three reels, but more crucially he introduced an iconic symbol of American independence, cultural charms of fortune and emotive objects of wealth or happiness. Bells, horseshoes, diamonds and hearts had found their home in slot gaming and Frey had stuck big in the future of casino entertainment. While it wasn’t long before payouts of flavoured chewing gum and a refined ‘Operator Bell’ model would familiarise the use of fruit symbols and spawn the synonymous term of fruit machine for slots too.

Video Slot Symbols lead the Online Casino Era
Complexity reduced and thousands of machines sold, slots started to appear in American casinos. Bugsy Siegel made a gesture to the WAGs of high rollers of his Las Vegas establishment by installing carousels of these slots to keep them entertained and they soon matched the revenues of the table games on offer. The relevance? Well, just imagine what would interest the wife of a man with lots of money for a moment. Indeed, symbols of diamonds would be progressively joined to create the rings, sports cars and champagne flutes of today’s online casino slots. Online casino itself is born out of such electromechanical developments and has seen gaming transformed from Bally’s Money Honey into modern progressive jackpots such as Joker Millions at mobile casinos you can hold in your hand. Each of the 600 slots on offer having its own variety of game symbols that makes that present day blend of old and new exactly what it is.

The Future of Mobile Casino Revolves Around Reel Symbols.
So how does the future look? Well one word that simply cannot be ignored is animation. Should you head over to a site such as LeoVegas, you’ll already find an incredible visual experience. A gaming experience influenced by the many interests of society and culture reflected in Wilds and Scatter symbols that open bonus games and free spin features aplenty. The reels are already alive, but HD quality slots are sure to become a norm and the diversity of their display the distinguishing feature amongst them. The cards, fruits and items of wealth aren’t going anywhere but a new era of mobile casino with moving pictures is definitely dawning!


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