Atari’s Exciting Virtual Casino Project

atari virtual casino

There has been a lot of excitement doing the rounds about the metaverse. With so many possibilities, there are companies in countless industries looking to embrace the next wave of digital evolution. One of those companies is an iconic creator of video games – Atari.

Most people will be familiar with Atari’s work, and it is now taking on the metaverse by launching its own virtual casino. This article will explore all that you need to know about this exciting offering.

The History of Atari

Atari is one of the first prominent video game companies, having been around since the early 1970s. It has gone through many different periods of change over the years, but it has always had an interest in offering some sort of gaming experience.

It is best known for being the forefather of gaming consoles, producing the likes of the Atari 2600 and Pong. In recent years, it has not really done much of note in the gaming space. However, it is now looking at the metaverse. It brought its own crypto gambling site to the fore in April 2021.

It now has an existing partnership with Decentraland that has allowed Atari to launch a section of virtual real estate casino offering in what is known as Vegas City. The virtual casino provides a totally new type of experience to players.

What are Crypto Casinos?

Crypto casinos like those listed on best-bitcoin-casinos.com have been a fixture of the online gambling space over the past few years. They are platforms that mainly focus on accepting cryptocurrency payments rather than traditional options like fiat currencies.

They are similar in a lot of ways to regular types of online casinos, but also a lot different. The main theme of differentiation is that crypto casinos tend to offer more freedom to players than the highly regulated traditional online casinos people in the UK will usually come across.

Game libraries are normally much larger at Bitcoin casinos, with more exciting game features being allowed, and fewer limitations on transactions. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies, withdrawals often tend to be extremely fast. That’s why a lot more people these days are preferring to use crypto casinos over traditional platforms.

Atari Token and NFTs

In alignment with its virtual casino, Atari decided to launch its own form of cryptocurrency – the Atari Token. This is based on the Ethereum protocol (ERC-20) and acts as the chief payment system on the platform. This goes for users checking out in-game assets, facilitating smart contracts, and conducting transactions. It has now been around since October 2020.

One of the other key parts of Atari’s strategy is dipping into the world of NFTs. It has launched NFT loot boxes, combining one of the most popular features in many video games with the popular space of NFTs. The Atari Token then provides the ideal way for people to buy and sell the NFTs.

What Games Does the Virtual Casino Offer?

All sorts of games are part of the Atari virtual casino offering. There are all sorts of exciting partnerships that Atari can explore in order to bring the very best of offerings to the user base. It is highly likely that some of the most iconic arcade-style Atari games will be making an appearance at some point in time.

Slot games from some of the biggest developers in the online casino space also seem to be on the way. Even the likes of table games should be featuring, whether it is blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and so on.

Metaverse and Virtual Real Estate

There do not seem to be any other major virtual casinos operating in the metaverse to the same extent of what Atari offers. However, there are plenty of gambling-related companies said to be exploring opportunities in this space, so they will be likely watching Atari’s actions very closely. Atari is no stranger to being a trailblazer in the gambling sector and this virtual casino could be another example of that type of approach going forward.

As it already has a 20-parcle space purchased in Vegas City, it is well positioned in order to be the leading light in that regard. The company also has big plans in place for the 50th anniversary of its existence, so there will no doubt be some exciting recognition of this landmark across the metaverse space.

Is this the right choice for Atari?

As the metaverse is such a new phenomenon, nobody knows for sure if it’s going to be a big success or not. However, companies need to take these types of calculated risks in order to see great results. Atari clearly likes the idea of where the metaverse can go and is willing to invest heavily into its success.

There will be much fewer restrictions in place by having a virtual casino, as opposed to having a more traditional type of online gambling platform. It is targeting a new audience that could end up being a very lucrative market. As the company is always pushing the bounds of reality, it is likely going to have some haters, but it will keep marching on to the beat of its own drum, no matter what project it gets involved in.

An Exciting Time

Atari is certainly taking a leap of faith by putting so much focus and investment into its virtual casino efforts. However, it truly believes that the metaverse is going to be the future of gaming and it will be a move that could pay off handsomely if everything goes to plan.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this project, which means that people who are passionate about gaming will be able to explore something that they might have never realized to be possible. Everyone in the gaming sector looks forward to watching how Atari gets on with these efforts.


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