[Arcade Joystick] Super Advantage


The Super Advantage is a joystick marketed by Asciiware for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The device is meant to rest at a comfortable level on a flat surface-such as a tabletop or the floor-while the player sits behind it, but it can also used while resting on a player's lap. The controller was designed to be used like an arcade game joystick and featured larger action buttons than the standard SNES controller. It is used with both hands, one for the joystick and the other to manipulate the buttons.

The Super Advantage is patterned on the NES Advantage. The controller features button-specific turbo switches and support for two players. It is designed to match the look of the SNES console. Unlike the NES Advantage, the turbo switches are sliders rather than knobs.

The Super Advantage was used as a theatrical prop in "Stephanie's Wild Ride" (1994), the ninth episode of the eighth season of Full House, an American sitcom



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