DATABASE 2015-17 updates

In progress

- PSX, PS2, PS3, Dreamcast, DS entries.
- Addition of Goodies and Manuals for members.
- Now adding screenshots for NES (ingame) and MEGA DRIVE (titles).

April 2017

- Dragon cassettes et diskettes added.

February 2017

- Mega Duck games added.
- ZX-81 cassettes added.
- Acorn Electron cassette added.
- Genesis games added.

July 2016

- Preliminar USA PlayStation titles added.
- Atari 2600 cassettes type added.
- Meganet type added.

June 2016

- to7_qd, to7_cass and to7_cart softlists added.
- mo5_cart softlist added.
- mo5_cass softlist added.
- MO5/TO7 Cass. type added, it contains double cassettes (TO7/MO5).
- mo6_cass softlist added.
- MO6/TO8 Cass. type added, it contains double cassettes (MO6/TO8).
- mo6_flop softlist added.
- MO6/TO6 Floppy Disk type added.
- msx_flop softlist (official games only) added.
- adam_flop softlist added.
- microvision softlist added.
- fmtowns_cd softlist added.

May 2016

- PlayChoice-10 games added in their own type (PlayChoice-10 Cartridge)
- DECO games added in their own type (DECO Cassette)
- MEGA-TECH games added in their own type (Mega-Tech Cartridge)
- MEGA PLAY games added in their own type (Mega Play Cartridge)
- NEO-GEO MVS games added in their own type (Neo-Geo MVS Cartridge)
- GAMATE softlist added.
- GameCube games added.
- CD32 games added.
- APPLE2 softlist added.
- TO_FLOP softlist added.

April 2016:

- PC FX games added.
- XBOX360 games added.
- PSP, VITA, Wii U, XBOX One & PS4 games added.

February 2016:

MSX2 floppies entries added.
Tons of TV commercial videos added for many games! (Video tab ois a member-only feature).

November 2015:

CPC Cassettes entries added.

October 2015:

- Many X1_cass titlescreens added.
- Many GBA titlescreens added.

September 2015:

- VIRTUAL BOY screenshots and titlescreens added (from Antopisa).
- TG16 titlescreens added (from Antopisa).

August 2015:

- Added PICO titles and ingame screenshots (from Antopisa).
- Added 32X titlescreens (from Antopisa).
- Added GAME GEAR ingame screenshots (from Antopisa).

July 2015:

- MSX Cartridge screenshots (from Antopisa).

June 2015:

- Watara Super Vision entries added + ingame screenshots (from Antopisa).
- Jopac games added.
- Odyssey² games added.

May 2015:

- msx european cassettes added.
- sord m.5 cassettes and cartridges added.

Avril 2015:

- tg16 ingame screenshots added (from Antopisa).
- pce titlescreens added.
- GENESIS/MEGADRIVE ingame screenshots added (from Antopisa).

March 2015:

- PC98 softlist added.
- PC88 Cassettes added.
- PC88 FD added.
- Pokémini screenshots (from Antopisa) added.
- FM-7 Floppies and Cassettes added.
- SNES Ingame screenshots added (from Antopisa).

February 2015:

- PSX softlist added.
- Some PSX screenshots (from Antopisa) added.
- Sharp X1 Tapes and Floppies added.
- Screenshots for X1 games added.
- Screenshots for Atari 5200 games added.
- Screenshots for Intellivision added.
- WonderSwan games + screensots (from Antopisa) added.
- WonderSwan Color games added.
- Atari 800 games + screenshots (from Antopisa) added.
- Bally Astrocade + screenshots (from Antopisa) added.
- Vic-20 games list finished.
- Alice 32, Alice 90 softlist added.
- mc10 softlist added.
- X68000 softlist added.


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