WEBSITE 2015~20 updates

December 2020

- The website is now powered by the recent PHP 8.0. I fixed many things during the migration from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0. We are ready for 2021 ! Please contact us if you encouter any bug or problem.
- Reworked Gaming-History's logo for 2021. The cleanest and smaller ever. Only 710 Bytes in size.
- Modernized the games' pages code.
- New information on the database page: Yellow Homebrew tag when the game is a homebrew.
- The website is now optimised to be viewed on the most used resolution (1920x1024) and higher.

November 2020

- Added a new ROM tab on the game pages. You can browse roms information easily.
For example: Smash T.V.  You can open two or more ROMs to see differences between them.

- Big optimisation made on big game page. For example, Pong loading times was 16 seconds, it's now instant load :)

- Big changes : The softwares, hardwares and Non-games entries are separated from the main database. You can select what do you want to search on the Database page.

September 2020

- Reworked the game pages. Big pages are now better on smarthphones.

August 2020

- Simplified the Submits status page (code and look).

May 2020

- Game pages tabs colors inverted, it's now more logical. (selected tab in blue)

April 2020

- All FLV videos has been converted to MP4. At the end of 2020, you won't be able to read FLV video on your browser. IMHO, FLV was really better for the web but I have to follow the web standards...
- Optimization: Removed obsolete prefixes from the CSS.
- Security: The way how the results are loaded has been changed to avoid server surcharges.

March 2020

- Say Hello to the new orange icon when a game is a sample/demo disc/disk.
- Many optimization and fixes since November 2019 has been done.
- Adult games no more linked from the mainpage when they are updated.

January 2020

- Updated to PHP 7.4.

November 2019

- Registering fixed. You passwords should work now.
- ROM(s) tab pages added to all games with MAME's ROMs.

July 2019

- Good bye pagination, say hello to dynamic results.

March 2019

- Musics tab added on game pages. VGM format. VGM files added daily to the database (counted as Medias on the mainpage).

January 2018

- Updated to PHP 7.3. Please let me know if any bug was born.
- Optimizing game pages for Mobile.

November 2018

- Fixed more HTML and CSS.

October 2018

- The website is now more secure for our members.
- New base64 icons on the database page. Faster to render !
- Main logo reworked a bit.
- Fixed HTML.
- Some CSS changes, please refresh your cache.
- Proper background for the mainpage.

May 2018

- Corrected a bug with the CSS. Please refresh your browser by hitting the F5 key

November 2017

- ROM names information on game's pages added.
- Default text size is now bigger (0.9 em instead of 0.8).
- More CSS optimizations day by day. Please hit CTLR+F5 sometimes to refresh it.

October 2017

- Covers, when available, are now presented as thumbnails on game pages.
- Some design changes and placements optimisations. Please Ctlr+F5 to refresh the CSS. (day by day)
- Updated to PHP 7.1. Let me know if any errors are live.
- Added an useful BACK button on game page (to return to database results for example).
- New logo "Geemu no Rekishi (Gaming History)" to show our priority to Japanese contents.

September 2017

- Added a "-18" icon to Adult entries. See an example.
- Correction of a bug in the Goodies section (the 30th image on page was not shown properly).
- Added Type information to the Gallery mode (database page) and fixed some things.

January 2017

- Adding EXPORT tags to a maximum of entries.

December 2016

- The entire website has now a SSL certificate (https://)

November 2016

- Backgrounds added to all game pages that have a screenshot in slot 2! (taked from).
- Css file updated (please do a Ctrl+F5 to load the new file).
- Addition of Original, Export, Pirates releases and Canceled project tag on the databae pages. (based on the keyword on game pages). Many don't have the information yet so many entries sould be updated!

July 2016

- Cabinets images optimised (+26000 images - ~150 Mo reduced) for faster loading.

May 2016

- Some cosmetic changes and optimisation.
- Some corrections made to the login & members system.

March 2016

- Now drived by PHP 7.0.3 (should be two times faster than PHP 5.6).

February 2016

- Background is now blue instead of black !
- Added "Emulated in MAME", "Not emulated in MAME" and "Impossible to emulate" on game pages (automatically generated depending of the type of the machines).
- Adsence removed from the Video pages for members only.

October 2015

I'm in a "Make the Web Faster" mind.

- HOST: PHP version updated from 5.4 to 5.6.
- HOST: MySQL version updated from 5.0 to 5.5.
- Website optimized at its finest.

- PHP code optimized here and here.
- CSS cleaned a bit more.
- All cabinet miniature JPEGs optimized (from 209 to 197 mo). Faster loading on database gallery and game pages.
- All game screenshots PNGs optimized (from 1.2Go to 750 mo). Faster loading on game pages.

- Added a login page.

June 2015

- Fixed Timeline search engine.
- See Publisher Timeline button on each game page added.

March 2015

- Add to/Remove from Favorites fixed. No more black screen when you use these functions.
- the EDIT THIS PAGE for games is now simplified.
- Some CSS changes for all FORM.

February 2015

- Optimisation: main menu icons are now combined in one file and drived by a css rule.
- Quick search & total number of entries are now only available on the homepage, only for members (site lighter & faster for robots and non-connected users).
- Started to try Google Cloud Storage on the mainpage (logo, css, etc...)

January 2015

- Members can now have their own public page.
-- In this page, members can edit their favorites games list in the "Set Up my Account" menu.
-- A small comment can be added for each favorite in the same menu.
-- A favorite can be added via the game page itself.
For exemple here is my page.

- Website highly optimised:
-- arcade.css is only ~6.4 ko.
-- The logo.png is the bigger image of the design and is only ~8 ko.

- Website is now responsive. It is adapted to your PC, your tablet, or your smarthphone.

- Website is now fully HTML5/CSS3 certified.

- If page is Database, the quick search is not visible. You don't need 2 search engines on the same page :)

- New logo for 2015. (UPDATED to a more compact one in height).

- Small icons added to all menus. Each icons are only ~100 octets.

- Added a beta print stylesheet. When you try to print a page, the header, the footer, the menu, and some others elements are not shown :)




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