DATABASE 2018 Updates

In progress

- Now adding Amstrad CPC Disk. (big work) (including homebrew and cracked tape_to_disk)
- Now adding rare MANY Japanese stuffs.
- Now adding Windows games. (big work)

September 2018

- Addition of:
Dreamcast GD
APF Imagination Cassettes
Apple II cassettes
Tatung Einstein diskettes

July 2018

- Addition of:
Acorn Electron Cartridges
Acorn Electron ROMs
Acorn Electron 3.5 diskettes
Acorn Electron 5.25 diskettes
Tiger Cartridges
TimeTop Game King Cartridges
and many others...

May 2018

- Precious information and images for Japanese computer softwares added.

January 2018

Dick Smith Super-80 cassettes added.


See the 2017 Database news.



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