DATABASE 2018~22 Updates

In progress (2022)

- Now adding many medias. (sounds, images)
- Now adding missing PS1 entries.
- Now adding PS2 entries.

October 2020

- Added the Comboy and Super Comboy games published by Hyundai.

June 2020

- Added many old mainframe computers games & softwares.

May 2020

- Found some old Adventure International Catalogs. So, adding rare informations about their games (model numbers...) 
- Found Avalon Hill catalog. Adding rare informations about Ah's games (model numbers...) 
- Found Electronic Arts catalogs. Adding rare information about EA's games (model numbers...)
- Found an interesting Infocom catalog with rare information about model numbers.

May 2019

- Addition of:
Commodore C64 type-in programs.
A great number of pirate disks (mainly C64)

April 2019

- Addition of:
Nintendo Switch cartridges
Atari ST disk.

September 2018

- Addition of:
Dreamcast GD
APF Imagination Cassettes
Apple II cassettes
Tatung Einstein diskettes

July 2018

- Addition of:
Acorn Electron Cartridges
Acorn Electron ROMs
Acorn Electron 3.5 diskettes
Acorn Electron 5.25 diskettes
Tiger Game.com Cartridges
TimeTop Game King Cartridges
and many others...

May 2018

- Precious information and images for Japanese computer softwares added.

January 2018

Dick Smith Super-80 cassettes added.


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