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Baseball Star - Mezase Sankanou [Model SFX-B9]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 35 years ago by SNK Corp.

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Baseball Star - Mezase Sankanou [Model SFX-B9] screenshot

ベースボールスター めざせ三冠王 © 1989 SNK [Shin Nihon Kikaku].
(Baseball Star - Mezase Sankanou)

A baseball game from SNK.


Game ID: SFX-B9


Baseball Star was released on May 19, 1989 in Japan.

It was exported 2 months later in North America as "Baseball Stars - Be a champ! [Model NES-B9-USA]".

Baseball Star became a major hit in many countries world-wide. It was one of the first sports games to have data memory, therefore players could pick a team and make a season, while being able to save season statistics.

Baseball Star was also the first sports game to bring the 'Create a player' feature. Gamers could, for the first time, create players and name them after themselves, family and friends, in addition to naming their own teams. Although the game did not use any names of real life baseball players, one of the computerized teams, the 'American Dreams', included players with nicknames such as Pete (Pete Rose), Hank (Hank Aaron) and Ruth (Babe Ruth).

Goodies for Baseball Star - Mezase Sankanou [Model SFX-B9]
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* Balanced Team: Select 'Make Team' from the menu and press Down, Right, Left, Down(x2), Right, Up.
Select 'Balanced Team' and press A.
A message will pop up saying 'WHEN ISN'T IT?'.
Edit that message to say 'WHEN IT IS'.

* Woman's Team: Choose 'Make Team' from the main menu and press Down, Right, Left, Down(x2), Right, Up(x2), Down, Up, Down, Up.
Select 'Veterans' using the A button and the message 'WHAT IS A WREN?' will pop up.
Edit that message to read 'A BIRD'.
Another message will pop up reading 'WHEN ISN'T IT?'.
Edit it to read 'WHEN IT IS'.


Game's ROM.