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Atlantis no Nazo [Model SS4-4900]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 38 years ago by SUNSOFT

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Atlantis no Nazo [Model SS4-4900] screenshot

アトランチスの謎 © 1986 Sunsoft
(Atlantis no Nazo)

A side-scrolling platform video game set in the mythical land of Atlantis. The player controls an amateur adventurer named Wynn, whose objective is to save his master being held captive in the final level.


GAME ID: SS4-4900
BARCODE: 4 907940 100042


Atlantis no Nazo was released on April 17, 1986 in Japan. The retail price was 4900 yen.

The title translates from Japanese as Mystery of Atlantis.

SunSoft developed the game with the intention of surpassing the enormously popular Super Mario Bros., and advertised the game with the slogan Ano Super Mario wo koeta!! (lit. "The game that surpassed Super Mario!!"). The number of levels included in Atlantis did surpass the number included in Super Mario Bros.

It appears to be the first cartridge that uses a dedicated mapper chip.

The backgrounds of zones 57 and 94 flash with green and red color, respectively. These flashing effects were removed when the game was later ported to the PlayStation and Windows systems after Pokémon Shock revealed the possibility of photosensitive epilepsy in television and video games.

Zones 55, 59, and 84 are not connected to any of the other zones, and are impossible to access unless the zone selection hidden command is used. Though a hidden entrance to zone 59 does exist in zone 50, it is closed and the entrance's location is overlapped with a block, making it impossible to enter. There are also several items that do not appear at all in the game, but exist in the game's data. It is unclear why these zones and items remained in the final version of the game.

Tthe game was localized and bugfixed by Activision several years later as "Super Pitfall II", but was not released.

The protagonist Wynn made an appearance in Sunsoft's 2011 game Shanghai Musume: Mahjong Girls. Wynn was also made into a Joker card in Sunsoft's 2012 game Moe Moe Daifuugou - Zenkoku Bishoujo Meguri.

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At the titlescreen, before the demonstration starts...
On Controller 2, press Select (×33) and A (×22), then press A on Controller 1 and B on Controller 2 at the same time. Now, during the game press Select to jump to the next level. Note that this cheat does not exactly skip the current level, but starts from Level 1 then jumps to 2, 3, etc. regardless of which level you use the code on first.

At the titlescreen, before the demonstration starts...
Press A (×11) on Controller 2 and B (×22) on Controller 1.

At the titlescreen, before the demonstration starts...
Press B (×33) on either controller, then press A + B + Select + Up + Down on the other. This code actually gives an Invincibility item to you. It will last for 255 lives only, and your bombs may still kill you.

In the 20th zone, there are 3 Moai face statues placed next to each other, and the message KEYWORD-NAGOYA- is displayed on the screen. This is a code for the numbers 7, 5, and 8 (NA=7, GO=5, YA=8) and the player can warp to the final zone if they throw dynamite 7 times on top of the left statue, 5 times on top of the middle statue, and 8 times on top of the right statue. However, this final zone is structured differently from the one accessed without using the warp, so it is called the "secret final zone". A large bonus of 4,000,000 points is rewarded if the player passes in front of the devil's statue located at the center of the level.


Game's ROM.