Captain Tomaday

Arcade Video Game published 19 years ago by Visco

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Captain Tomaday © 1999 Visco Corp.

A comical vertically scrolling shoot'em up starring a mutated tomato who punches the enemy and can transform to other weird characters.


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : 0249

Main CPU : Motorola 68000 (@ 12 Mhz)
Sound CPU : Zilog Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
Sound Chips : Yamaha YM2610 (@ 8 Mhz)

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 3
=> [A] Left punch/Super blow attack [B] Right punch/Super blow attack [C] Formation change


Captain Tomaday was released in May 1999.

This game runs on the Neo-Geo MVS and was not released on the Neo-Geo AES home console.


Producer : Don Gabacho (Don Gabacyo)
Director : Ume. W
Graphic designers : Max Noda, Mi, Mo, Mocchi, Nike. Pu!, Sadaijin, Shimarisu, Takano
Programmers : Bilbo, Chi-chan, Marin, Momonga, Alice You

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