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Super Sprint © 1986 Atari Games.

Like "Championship Sprint", released the same year, Super Sprint is an updated version of the old Atari Sprint series; with added the ability to allow players to upgrade their vehicles as the game progresses. Upgrades are won by collecting wrenches that appear once per track. After a player has collected four wrenches, they will be presented with an upgrade screen; giving them the opportunity to choose better traction, increased top speed, faster acceleration, or a faster helicopter. The only discernible difference between this and "Championship Sprint" is the addition of brand new tracks.


Super Sprint the  Arcade PCB
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Game ID : 136042

Runs on the "Atari System 2" hardware.

Players: 3
Control: Steering wheel with gas pedal


Super Sprint was released in April 1986.

2,232 units were produced in the USA. The selling price was $3,495.

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (That's Atari Music Vol. II : G.S.M. Atari Games 2 - PCCB-00070) on September 21, 1991.


1. Sprint 2 (1976)
2. Sprint 8 (1977)
3. Sprint 4 (1977)
4. Sprint One (1978)
5. Super Sprint (1986)
6. Championship Sprint (1986)
7. Bad Lands (1989)


Designed & programmed by : Robert Weatherby, Kelly Turner
Art & animation by : Will Noble, Kris Moser, Sam Comstock
Audio by : Hal Canon


usa Nintendo NES australia (1989)
japan Nintendo Famicom (aug.3, 1991) "Super Sprint [Model ALT-7C]"
usa Sony PlayStation (sept.30, 1999) "Arcade Party Pak [Model SLUS-00952]"
europe Sony PlayStation (feb.23, 2001) "Arcade Party Pak [Model SLES-02339]"
usa Sony PS2 (nov.18, 2003) "Midway Arcade Treasures [Model SLUS-20801]"
usa Microsoft XBOX (nov.24, 2003) "Midway Arcade Treasures"
Nintendo GameCube usa (dec.18, 2003) "Midway Arcade Treasures [Model DOL-GAKE-USA]"
europe Microsoft XBOX (feb.6, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasures"
europe Sony PS2 (feb.6, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasures [Model SLES-51927]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 usa (nov.6, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins"
Sony PlayStation 3 usa (nov.6, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins [Model BLUS-31083]"
europe Microsoft XBOX 360 (nov.15, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins"
Sony PlayStation 3 europe (nov.15, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins [Model BLES-01768]"

usa Nintendo GBA (aug.15, 2005) "2 Games in One! Spy Hunter + Super Sprint [Model AGB-B6AE-USA]"
europe Nintendo GBA (sept.16, 2005) "2 Games in One! Spy Hunter + Super Sprint [Model AGB-B6AP-EUR]"

europe Atari ST (1987)
europe Commodore C64 (1987)
europe Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1987)
europe Amstrad CPC (1987)
usa PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (aug.27, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasures"
europe PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (nov.23, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasures"

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