League Bowling [Model NGM-019]

SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart. published 28 years ago by SNK

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League Bowling © 1990 SNK [Shin Nihon Kikaku].

A colourful and playable ten-pin bowling game for 1 to 4 players, offering a choice of three scoring methods : 'Regulation', 'Flash' and 'Strike 90'.

The game begins with players selecting either a right or left-handed bowler, before choosing what weight they want their bowling balls to be. Once the match starts properly, Power and Direction meters will appear and players must use both their judgement and timing to select and execute the desired bowl. Timing is key as players are only allowed twenty seconds to make each shot.

The 'Strike 90' mode awards players ninety points for a strike and sixty points for a spare. In the 'Flash' game mode, the points flash across the lane as the players throw the ball. Should they succeed in knocking down the standing pins, the points that are displayed at the time the pins are struck will be added to the players' scores.
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Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : NGM-019

[SNK MVS Neo-Geo Controls]
2 Players - 4 Buttons Per Player (only 1 usable).
[Joystick] 8-Way, [A] Set Controls/Set Power


League Bowling was released on December 10, 1990.

Nadia from Secret of Blue Water make a cameo in this game. She appears on the background (e.g : when you choose your hand, left or right, at the begin).


SNK Neo-Geo (jul.1, 1991; "League Bowling [Model NGH-019]")
SNK Neo-Geo CD (Sept. 9, 1994; "League Bowling [Model NGCD-019]")
Sony PlayStation Store (Dec.2010)

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