Arcade Video game published 38 years ago by Cinematronics, Inc.

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ZZYZZYXX © 1982 Cinematronics.

Perseverance will be overwhelming emotion game players as they move ZZYZZYXX up and down horizontal rows of alternating moving bricks to gather presents which will satisfy his love. Lola -- whose affection is not easily captured. ZZYZZYXX's vulnerability increases (as he collects gifts, as well as points) not only because of Lola's untouchable attitude, but because of obstacles such as rattifers trying to put an end to ZZYZZYXX's quest for Lola's love and affection.

Intelligent as the rattifers may be, there are 2 defenses ZZYZZYXX can use to outsmart the destructive creatures. ZZYZZYXX can brick himself within a brick when he sees an approaching rattifer or ZZYZZYXX can move into the space where there is a gold helmet. The gold helmet intensifies ZZYZZYXX's goal to reach Lola by allowing ZZYZZYXX to use the helmet to enclose a rattifer or break through one brick which is obstructing ZZYZZYXX's course towards Lola.

As irreproachable as Lola appears. Lola is overjoyed by ZZYZZYXX's success to retrieve enough presents and she whistles resoundingly to let ZZYZZYXX know. After ZZYZZYXX's triumphant deed for love. ZZYZZYXX becomes invincible, enabling him to elude the rattifers by imprisoning them within their spaces.

Other dangers testing ZZYZZYXX's skillful maneuvering are falling bombs, rising missiles and cracked bricks, each capable of disintegrating ZZYZZYXX.

As an added attraction, when a game player completes each level, there are animated cartoons depicting ZZYZZYXX's passionate desire to impress his love for Lola. Also delightful music throughout the game leaves the players humming and their foot tapping.
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Cinematronics never designed a dedicated cabinet for this game. It can be found in any of the generic black cabinets of the day (they used several different ones during the production run). No side-art was made, just a control panel overlay, marquee, and two stickers (which were applied to a generic glass monitor bezel). A far cry from the standard floor to ceiling art that decorated most games in the early eighties. This game uses a unique wiring harness that is not compatible with any other titles, although it could be rigged up in any vertical cabinet with a little work.

Main CPU: Zilog Z80 (@ 3 Mhz)
Sound CPU: Zilog Z80 (@ 1.5 Mhz)
Sound Chips: General Instrument AY8910 (@ 1.5 Mhz)

Screen orientation: Vertical
Video resolution: 224 x 256 pixels
Screen refresh: 60.00 Hz
Palette colors: 32

Players: 2
Control: 2-way joystick (vertical)
Buttons: 1

- Four different coinage settings.
- Two or three ZZYZZYXXS per game.
- Four difficulty level options for the start of the game.
- Optional demo sound in the attract mode.
- Complete hardware diagnostics check switch.
- Free play switch for demonstration or special promotions.
- Twelve extra ZZYZZYXX award selections available.


Developed by Advanced Microcomputer Systems and released in November 1982 by Cinematronics.

A prototype of this game is known as "Brix", which was renamed to ZZYZZYXX before release. Note : This game is always the last to appear alphabetically in a complete arcade games database. :)

Note: The screen is divided into 12 rows of bricks.

Kris MacLillivray holds the official official record for this game with 1,068,010 points on 06/11/2004.

Advanced Microcomputer was founded by Rick Dyer, who would later go on to create "Dragon's Lair" for Cinematronics.

Default highscore table (THE TOP TEN)
1 15000 MJK
2 15000 ERO
3 15000 DGJ
4 15000 VEC
5 15000 MDF
6 15000 VAS
7 15000 SJP
8 15000 EDH
9 15000 AMS
10 15000 AMS


The Bonus Points System:
Level 1: 250 points per gift (2000 max.)
Level 2: 500 points per gift (4000 max.)
Level 3: 1000 points per gift (8000 max.)
Level 4: 2500 points per gift (20,000 max.)
Level 5: 4500 points per gift (36,000 max.)
Level 6: ???? points per gift



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