Zero Wing [Model NXCD1003]

A 26-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Naxat Soft.

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Zero Wing © 1992 Naxat Soft.

Adaptation from Toaplan arcade game. Zero Wing is a horizontal shooter where you take control of ship through eight levels. You can use three different kind of weapons : Red for standard shots, Green for homing lasers and Blue for laser shots. Each of them can be upgraded three times and you two flying pods can also be collected. Another original feature is the tractor beam which can capture small enemies. They can either being used as a shield or as a weapon if thrown away.
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[Model NXCD1003]


Zero Wing for PC-Engine CD was released on September 18, 1992 in Japan for 7800 Yen.

The original arcade game was released by Toaplan in 1989.

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