Zero 5 [Model J4011]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 27 years ago by Telegames, Inc.

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Zero 5 [Model J4011] screenshot

Zero 5 © 1997 Telegames.

Zero 5 is a futuristic space shooter set in a 3-D, 360 degree playfield. The year is 2004 and the battle for Earth has begun. On the far reaches of the galaxy, a massive invasion force is assembling. Scanners at DEFCON have alerted you to the alien threat. The Earth's best pilots are dispatched in their BAMBAM cruisers to engage the enemy.

Multiple weapons, driving soundtrack, non-stop combat, multiple power-ups, and 15 extended missions contribute to a shooters game with real depth.


Model J4011


Mission Unlock Codes: At the Options screen, select Change Mission and highlight the high mission to be unlocked. Hold Pause while entering code. Sound confirms...
1: 0,5,0,5,0,5
1-2: 6,8,9,2,1,4
1-3: 1,2,2,1,6,9
1-4: 6,7,6,3,9,6
1-5: 4,9,3,1,7,5
1-6: 3,2,9,7,8,1
1-7: 7,4,8,6,2,7
1-8: 2,4,9,3,4,7
1-9: (unknown)
1-10: 2,7,6,5,4,9
1-11: 1,0,7,8,4,0
1-12: 2,9,7,4,3,0
1-13: 9,2,1,7,5,3
1-14: 3,8,5,1,7,9
1-15: 9,0,1,9,3,4

NOTE: Entering a mission-unlock code will lock all missions above and beyond that one, even if you've previously unlocked them.


Production: Atari Europe
Producer: Alistair Bodin

Developed by: Caspian Software
Producer: Chris Dillon
Lead Programmer: Matthew Gosling
Programmers: Dave Pratt, Sean Baggaley
Graphics: Mark Bloomfield, David Philbedge
Music: Dave Newman, James Veal
Support: Andrew Gisby


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