Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling - Ouja no Kon [Model SLPS-01849]

A 19-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Human Ent.

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Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling - Ouja no Kon © 1999 Human Ent.

Featuring 24 wrestlers represented via live-action motion capture movement. There are various game modes including Royal Road, One Night Match, Champion Carnival, Real World Tag League and Battle Royal, all with live commentary including the voice of Giant Baba. Wrestlers can be enhanced in the Royal Road and an Edit Mode allows players to save a wrestler and send him to the Royal Road to further enhance his fighting style.


Game ID: SLPS-01849

Players: 4
Control: 8-Way Standard Controller (Analog Controller compatible)
Buttons: 7
=> [Square] Weak strike, [X] Medium strike, [Circle] Strong strike, [Triangle] Run, [R2] Block, [R1] Hold and press Square, X, Circle or Triangle to grapple, [L1] Use power/spirit ball


Released in Japan in April 8, 1999.

The title of the game translates to All Japan Pro Wrestling: King's Soul.

Officially licensed to the All Japan Pro Wrestling promotion, featuring the following wrestlers:

Mitsuharu Misawa
Toshiaki Kawada
Akira Taue
Kenta Kobashi
Jun Akiyama
Takao Oomori
Tamon Honda
Masanobu Fuchi
Yoshinari Ogawa
Hiroshi Hase
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
Satoru Asako
Mighty Inoue
Jun Izumida
Kentaro Shiga
Yoshinobu Kanemura
Giant Baba

Press Down on wrestler select screen for the following:

Stan Hansen
Johnny Ace
Gary Albright
Johnny Smith
Giant Kimala
Manneaukea Mossman

It is the first true 3D pro wrestling game from HUMAN, as Fire Pro Wrestling: Iron Slam '96 was an experiment, but the gameplay of the 2D Fire Pro titles didn't translate well the first time. The game engine used in this game would later be used for Spike's (formerly HUMAN) King of Colosseum series for the Sony Playstation 2 in altered form.

Dedicated in memory to the late All Japan Pro Wrestling founder Shohei "Giant" Baba, who passed away in January 31, 1999.

When you complete the Royal Road (see Tips and Tricks below), you unlock a series of Edit mode skins. Each of these are based on real wrestlers, but altered in appearance and under fake names because some of them were either, not licensed, or actually not from All Japan Pro Wrestling at the time of the game's release.


Royal Road features two courses. One lasts for a year and the player controls the main event or top stars and the other lasts for two years where the player can play as the mid-to-lower card talent. When you clear one of these, you unlock the Title Match and a set of Edit skins including wrestlers such as Steve Williams, Hayabusa, Jinsei Shinzaki, Bruiser Brody, and more (all under fake aliases and altered appearances of course) in addition to movesets for most of these. Complete the other course to unlock them all.

At one point during Royal Road, if you've been doing well and winning your matches or ending in time limit draws, Giant Baba at one point will ask you to face one of three legends, one of which may include Jumbo Tsuruta. Face Tsuruta and defeat him, then complete the entire Royal Road and he will be unlocked.

When you unlock all of the above, remember to enter Royal Road (the first selection of the main menu) and select Continue to load your unlocked content each time you play.


Sony Playstation (2000) "Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling - Ouja no Kon" (Spike Library) [Model SLPS-02934]
Sony Playstation (2001) "Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling - Ouja no Kon" (PSOne Books) [Model SLPS-91428]

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