Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling [Model SHVC-JP]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 31 years ago by Masaya

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Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling [Model SHVC-JP] screenshot

Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling © 1993 Masaya

Zen-Nihon Pro-Wrestling is the very first Zen Nihon Pro-Wrestling video game ever. Wrestlers of the promotion, including founder Giant Baba and the Four Great Lords: Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue and Kenta Kobashi, compete for the Triple Crown Championship, the World Tag Team Championship, or take part in the Champion Carnival or Strongest Tag Determination League. A team battle mode pits the old guard versus the super generation. There is also a tutorial mode where Giant Baba teaches the player the basics of the game. Sixteen wrestlers to choose from and up to four players can play together.


Barcode: 4988616008046


The first video game licensed by Zen Nihon Pro-Wrestling (also known as All Japan Pro-Wrestling) promotion and released in July 16, 1993.

Zen Nihon Pro-Wrestling was founded by Shohei Baba in October 21, 1972. It remains one of the most popular puroresu promotions today.

As the first video game licensed by All Japan, the following sixteen wrestlers who worked for the promotion at the time are featured:

Giant Baba
Jumbo Tsuruta
Mitsuharu Misawa
Toshiaki Kawada
Akira Taue
Kenta Kobashi
Masanobu Fuchi
Yoshinari Ogawa
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
Rusher Kimura
Stan Hansen
Terry Gordy
Dan Spivey
Steve Williams
The Patriot
Johnny Ace


Passwords for use in the road to the Triple Crown Championship (the first mode on the main menu). These will send the listed character to the final match of the road. To see passwords after a single player game, press Select during the match result screen:

Giant Baba = 4IBA
Jumbo Tsuruta = E2I5
Mitsuharu Misawa = EIIA
Toshiaki Kawada = G5I3
Akira Taue = MI2A
Kenta Kobashi = E2U5
Masanobu Fuchi = M2UA
Yoshinari Ogawa = M5BA
Tsuyochi Kikuchi = GIUA
Rusher Kimura = MIBY
Stan Hansen = E223
Terry Gordy = EN23
Dan Spivey = GNI5
Steve Williams = G52Z
The Patriot = EIUA
Johnny Ace = E5B5


Game's ROM.