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Zektor © 1982 Sega.

Zektor is a one- or two-player game that tasks you with the liberation of eight cities that have been seized by the evil cadre of alien robots. In order to liberate a city, you must defeat three attack waves of fighters and robo-probes. Fighters and Robo-probes are often shielded (in red), and each consecutive hit reduces the enemies shield strength, until, when the shield drops, a hit will destroy it. In addition, you will encounter three types of Moboids :
* Green Moboids spin the players ship on contact, and bounce enemy ships.
* Blue Moboids bounce all ships.
* Red Moboids destroy all un-shielded ships (including the players ship).

After defeating three attack waves, the Alien Robot holding that city will reappear within rotating protective rings, through which a 'slot shot' neutralizes that Robot, awarding the player a bonus ship and advancement to the next round.
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Sega G80 Vector hardware

Main CPU : Zilog Z80 (@ 4 Mhz), I8035 (@ 208 Khz)
Sound Chips : Discrete circuitry, AY8910 (@ 2 Mhz), SP0250 (@ 3.12 Mhz)

Players : 1
Control : dial
Buttons : 2


Zektor was released in August 1982.

The last alien is the alien from 1981's "Space Fury".

There are hidden letters in each of the eight cities. It is not known what they mean, but it is speculated that they are either the designers initials, or part of a secret code from the programming.

The The eighth (and last) alien you fight is the alien from Space Fury. The eighth round will repeat indefinitely.

As with all of Sega's vector games, the Electrohome color vector monitor used for this game has a notorious tendency to catch fire. It is unknown what to do to prevent this.


Each round consists of the three attack waves (sub-rounds), which are scored as follows for each enemy ship destroyed :

Rounds 1 & 2
Sub-round 1 : 200 points.
Sub-round 2 : 400 points.
Sub-round 3 : 800 points.

Rounds 3 & 4
Sub-round 1 : 400 points.
Sub-round 2 : 800 points.
Sub-round 3 : 1,600 points.

Rounds 5 & 6
Sub-round 1 : 600 points.
Sub-round 2 : 1,200 points.
Sub-round 3 : 2,400 points.

Rounds 7 & 8
Sub-round 1 : 800 points.
Sub-round 2 : 1,600 points.
Sub-round 3 : 3,200 points.


A Tip : when fighting in 'the city', try to stay in the upper left-hand corner. The city boss will not shoot you there.


[US] Sony PS2 (nov.7, 2006) as an unlockable extra in "Sega Genesis Collection [Model SLUS-21542]"
[EU] Sony PS2 (feb.2, 2007) as an unlockable extra in "Sega Mega Drive Collection [Model SLES-54333]"
Sony PlayStation 2 [AU] (feb.8, 2007) as an unlockable extra in "Sega Mega Drive Collection"


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