Zapper [Model AGB-AZPE-USA]

A 15-year-old Nintendo GBA Game by Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

Zapper [Model AGB-AZPE-USA] screenshot

Emulated in MAME !

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Zapper © 2003 Infogrames Interactive, Inc.




Released on November 05, 2002 in USA.
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Atomic Planet Entertainment
Lead Programmer: Andrew Taylor
Programming: John May, Stuart Leonardi, Neil Holmes, Nick Cowen, Chris J. White
Graphics: Peter Gough, Andrew Stockton, Bennet Aldous, Alexander Szeles, Paul Robinson, Andy Hodgetts, Doug Holmes, Tracey Clarke
Design: Jonathan Heckley, Peter Hodbod, Oliver Davies
Music: Jon Wells
Sound Effects: Tim Haywood
Sound Driver: Logik State
Tools & Technology: Neil Holmes, Andy Whyte, Chris Simpson
Testing: Jaime McCormick
Produced by: Neil Holmes, Peter Hodbod
Joint MD / Development Director: Jason Falcus
Managing Director: Darren Falcus

Infogrames Interactive Inc.
Senior Producers: Ken Allen, Todd Hartwig
Senior Brand Manager: Sue Bulson
Brand Manager: Matt Collins
Executive Producer: Bill LĂ©vay
V. P. of Product Development: Scott Walker
Director of Marketing: Steve Arthur
Director of Creative Services: Steve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation Services: Elizabeth Mackney
Documentation Specialist: Kurt Carlson
Copywriter: Paul Collin
Strategic Relation Manager: Joy Schneer

Infogrames QA
Director of Publishing Support Services: Michael H. Gilmartin
Director of Quality Assurance North America: Michael Craighead
Q.A. Supervisor: Donald T. Clay
Lead Tester: Marshall Clevesy
Assistant Lead Tester: Cherilyn Rocha
Testers: Ken Moodie, Mike Walkingstick

Blitz Games
Producers: Steve Bruce, Darren Wood

Special Thanks: A Creative Experience, The Source, Realtime, Knockin' Boots Productions, Synthesis International, Interference, Babel Media

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