Young Frankenstein

A 15-year-old Slot Machine by IGT

Not emulated in MAME


Young Frankenstein © 2003 IGT [International Game Technologies].

Walk this way to a mountaintop castle filled with humorous game play with the Young Frankenstein video slot. Filled with funny one-liners, this 9-line, 45-coin or 15-line, 75-coin theme pays homage to the characters of one of the most hilarious movies of all time.

The Young Frankenstein game is ALIVE with electric game play features. The top box, which includes four moving bonus credit indicators, adds life to this shockingly fun game. The reel symbols are done in black and white movie style, adding even more haunting appeal to this addition to our Spooky Slots series. Look for the movie character symbols - Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, the Creature, Igor, Inga, Elizabeth, and Frau Blucher - which become talking, animated color images in winning symbol combinations.
Goodies for Young Frankenstein
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This game is part of IGT's Spooky Slots series. Other games in the series include The Addams Family, Cousin It, and Elvira Mistress of the Dark.
Goodies for Young Frankenstein
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* The Pick A Brain bonus harkens back to the classic movie scene where Igor grabs the wrong brain from the brain depository. The game launches the bonus when three, four or five Pick A Brain symbols land anywhere on the reels. You select one of the symbols, which animates to reveal the brain type - abnormal, ordinary or genius - and the credits won.

* When three Monster bonus symbols land from left to right on an active payline, the game gives life to the Monster bonus. Dr. Frankenstein welcomes you to the bonus laboratory, where the screen presents you with a five row, five column grid. You receive four picks from the electrical switches on the screen. You select a switch on the left side of the grid and the game displays the credit value associated with the switch. Dr. Frankenstein prompts you to throw a switch on the bottom of the grid. The switch animates to reveal a second credit value, and the game displays a multiplier value in the grid square that corresponds to both selections. You will watch the lab equipment in the top box with awe as it gyrates, showing the possible jackpot. You can accept the bonus win or try for a higher value by selecting another switch from either side of the grid. Play continues until you accept an offer, hit the maximum award, or use all of the selections. Doctor Frankenstein will let you know if the bonus experiment was successful.

* When five Young Frankenstein symbols land on the 15th payline with the maximum bet wagered, you win the Spooky Slots linked progressive MegaJackpots award. With all of this energizing game play, the Young Frankenstein video slot is sure to give you a jolt of fun. Your favorite casino will be "abby normal" without it!

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