You Don't Know Jack Volume 4 - The Ride

IBM PC 5170 CD-ROM (WIN) published 22 years ago by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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You Don't Know Jack Volume 4 - The Ride © 1998 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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The game was rated T (Teen, it have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Producer: Michele Lindzy, Julie Stroud
Art Director: Curium Design
Technical Director: Evan Harsha
SQA Lead: Johnny Saulovich, Cynde Welbes (Berkeley Systems)
Product Marketing Managers: Lori Ludington, David R. Watson, Julie Tarlton (Berkeley Systems)
Game Art and Animation: Stephen Ekstrom, Lucas Kuzma, Liz Newell, Adina Nystrom, Mike O'Connor, Brian Perkins, Jamie Ruderman, Troy Shelton, Tim Sniffen, Evan Sornstein, R. C. Williams
Game Software Engineering: Greg Hospelhorn, Jeff Kimble, Ando Sonenblick, Craig Sterry, James Wang
SQA Engineers: Simon Hill, Richard Huber, Bernie Lenhoff, Jorge Morales, Michael Silva
Animation and Font Technology: Howard Fukuda, James Wang, Tom Wuttke
Production Tools: John Endres, Evan Harsha, Craig Sterry, James Wang
Spirit Squad: McKellar, Tita
Beta Test Coordinator: Ed Mechem
Package design: Celery Design Collaborative
User Manual: Julie Stroud
Editing: Lydia Ely
Art Manager: Jarir Maani
Engineering Manager: Sean Vikoren
SQA Manager: Henry Frummer
General Manager: Kory Stradinger
Executive Producers: Igor Gasowski, Christopher York
Special Thanks To: Dana Allande, Dianna Amorde, Jenny Avery, Nathan Bamberger, Mark Bazer, John Boyden, Bob Brennecke, Dennis Cline, Suzanne Corson, Chris Deyo, Dan Fiden, Igor Gasowski, Nadine George, Michelle Gorchow, Roy Gottlieb, Terry Hackett, Steve Heinrich, Lisa Helfer, Kate Hendrickson, Troy Henikoff, Patrick Heupel, Jeremy Hornik, Michael Hufnagel, Evan Jacover, Joy Johnson, Matthew B. Kelly, Cika Mico Kesich, Dan Kesich, Dave Krohn, Sally Kuzemchak, Amy Lippa, Danny McCarthy, Mark Mensch, Bradley D. Meyer, Bill Moore, Kate Powers, Barbara Schwabe, Douglas Scott Kay, Marta Segal, Chris Silva, Allison Silverman, Tim Sniffen, Caryn Straus, Larry Straus, Martin Streicher, Martha Stroud, Kati Tchobanoglous, Traci Todd, Toyo, Gintaras Vaisnys, Gabe Val, Jeremy Zeigenbein, Gretchen Zimmerman, Stephen Newman, Mike O'Connor, Kate True, Shane Bliss
Director & Architect: Harry Gottlieb
Creative Designer & Associate Director: David Houghtaling
Senior Editor/Head Writer: Kelli Kaufmann
Editors & Senior Writers: Brian Chard, Andy Poland
Lead Creative Media Producer: Greg Owens, Michele Lindzy
Creative Media Producers: Lena Chern, David Houghtaling, Jason Meyer
Question Types by: the Jellyvision Writing Team
Hosts: Harry Gottlieb (as Nate Shapiro), Tom Gottlieb (as Cookie Masterson), Andy Poland (as Guy Towers), Phil Ridarelli (as Josh "Schmitty" Schmitstinstein), Peter B. Spector (as "Buzz Shapiro")
Senior Writers: Lena Chern, Tom Gottlieb, Joel Husenits, Joe Janes, Jason Meyer, Shannon Miller, Stephen Newman, Edmund O'Brien, Greg Owens, Sean Quinn, Sara Stewart
"Elevator Lady": Lila Michael
"Announcer": Jamie Vann
Music: Brian Chard, Matt Ferraro, Andy Poland, Rob Warren, Eric Westphal
Contributing Writers: Sean Abley, Ali Davis, Mary Garvey, David Houghtaling, David Nathanielsz, Phil Ridarelli
Audience Info Services: Patience Dennison, Roz Pierson
Interactive Writing & Audio Tools Programmer: Edward Lott
Jellyvision Business Administration: Kira Gregersen, Anna Hinich, Liz Michaels, Aaron Odland, Lori Simon, Emy Unger, Vaiva Vaisnys
Jellyvision Technicians: Jerry Adams, Steven Giles, Edward Lott
Background Voices & Commercial Production: Jellyvision Staff
Director: Brian Chard
Production Coordinator: Nadine George
Writers: Greg Owens, Brian Chard
Commercials Written, Performed and Produced by: Sean Abley, John Boyden, Lena Chern, Ali Davis, Dan Fiden, Michelle Gorchow, Harry Gottlieb, Tom Gottlieb, Steve Heinrich, David Houghtaling, Joel Husenits, Joe Janes, Kelli Kaufmann, Matthew B. Kelly, Jeffery Laird, Jason Meyer, Shannon Miller, David Nathanielsz, Edmund O'Brien, Greg Owens, Andy Poland, Sean Quinn, Phil Ridarelli, Tim Sniffen, Jamie Vann
Additional voices: Dana Allande, Patience Dennison, Nadine George, Amber Heinrich, Patrick Heupel, Michele Lindzy, Lila Michael, Marta Segal, Nate Shapiro, Keturah Shaw-Poulos, Sara Stewart
Theme music by: Kevin Quinn


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